Nakayoshikai - The Japanese Friendship Group

We are a charity organization that brings together Japanese mothers, fathers, and children rooted in the Japanese language. We aim to create a community that engages in activities to explore Japanese culture. (Registered Charity No. 1048115)
Currently, we offer support to expecting parents, gatherings for those with infants and toddlers, and Japanese reading and writing lessons for primary school children. Our support extends from the pregnancy period to when your child reaches secondary school. In the future, we aspire to create a space for secondary school students to unwind and connect.

History of Nakayoshikai

The Japanese Friendship Group was founded in 1990 in North Finchley by Ms. Kay Laurie and other Japanese mothers raising children.
The catalyst for the establishment of this organization was a tragic incident where a Japanese mother, under the care of Kay, a health visitor, took her own life due to postpartum depression and the challenges of solitary parenting.
Had there been a community where she could easily discuss daily concerns and life challenges in Japanese, she would not have taken such a drastic step. Motivated by this sentiment, the Japanese Friendship Group emerged as a community for Japanese parenting in the UK.

Postpartum depression can affect anyone, and parenting abroad often leads to feelings of isolation. Additionally, when children who have grown up in Japan move to the UK, they may find adapting to an English-speaking environment challenging and having a Japanese community is a source of comfort for them. Once your community expands, your life will also become more enjoyable.

Yuko Murao

Yuko Murao


Our team

Nakayoshikai Team

Nakayoshikai is an organization run by volunteers. All members are mums and dads who are actively parenting. Each member takes on roles based on their individual areas of expertise.

Volunteer with us

We welcome volunteers to participate in our activities and contribute to our mission. Whether you’re passionate about parenting, interested in social impact, or simply want to be part of a supportive community, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Let’s make a positive difference together!